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An amazing group of Board Members, all possessing a focused passion for providing our wounded, injured, and ill Service Members and Veterans, the unique opportunity to attend world class events that promote healing and self-expression through the use of the arts.



Eric Rideaux is a dedicated husband, loving father of two daughters, and an Air Force Command Chief Master Sergeant who comes from the Air Force Special Warfare community. As a highly skilled Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) member, he has exemplified unwavering commitment and bravery throughout his military career, rising to the rank of CMSgt. Beyond his military service, Eric also serves as the esteemed President of the Board of Directors for the Two Black Ravens Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on supporting and empowering service members and veterans who have become wounded, injured, or ill. With his leadership and passion, CMSgt Rideaux continues to inspire others and create meaningful change in the lives of those served.

Vice President

Justin Schwartz is a devoted husband, proud father of two sons who both served in the military, and a remarkable individual who has dedicated his life to both artistic pursuits and military service. As a retired Army service member, he brings a wealth of experience and understanding to his role as Vice President of the board of Directors at TWO BLACK RAVENS FOUNDATION, where he also serves as the resident art specialist. Justin's passion for art has been a lifelong journey, and he has achieved numerous accolades for his creative endeavors. Combining his love for art with his commitment to supporting wounded, injured, or ill service members and veterans, he utilizes art to help bring healing and empowerment to those in need. Justin's unwavering dedication and unique blend of talents make him an invaluable asset to the foundation and a beacon of inspiration to all who have the pleasure of working with him.


Beverly Schwartz is a compassionate and dedicated individual, a loving wife, and devoted mother to two sons who have served in the military. She understands firsthand the challenges faced by service members and veterans. After retiring from her successful career as a bookkeeper for Bass Pro, Beverly found a new calling as the Treasurer of the board of Directors for the TWO BLACK RAVENS FOUNDATION. With her financial expertise and unwavering commitment to making a difference, Beverly plays a vital role in ensuring the foundation's resources are effectively apportioned and allocated to those in need. Her inspiring story is a testament to the impact one person can have in transforming lives and uplifting communities


Dr. Ken Burstin is a compassionate husband, proud father of two daughters, and a retired, highly accomplished psychologist with 37 years of experience. Ken possesses a deep understanding of the human mind and a passion for helping others, and now serves as the Secretary of the board of Directors and resident mental health specialist for TWO BLACK RAVENS FOUNDATION, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting wounded, injured, or ill service members and veterans through the power of art therapy. Leveraging his expertise and commitment to mental well-being, Ken plays a vital role in guiding the foundation's initiatives and providing crucial support to those who have bravely served their country.

Board Member

Eileen Perry is a selfless individual whose life embodies the ideals of both professional excellence and service to the community. As a dedicated Enrolled Agent, Eileen's professional journey is marked by her exceptional expertise in taxation and her commitment to helping individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of the tax system.In addition to her thriving career, Eileen's passion for giving back to her community shines through her volunteer work. She devotes her time and resources to feed and house the homeless, providing essential support to those in need. Her compassionate nature and dedication to humanitarian causes have made a profound impact on the lives of many. Eileen's commitment to making a difference doesn't stop with her volunteer work. She also oversees her own nonprofit organization, a testament to her leadership and vision. Through her nonprofit, she continues to address critical issues and affect positive change in her community. Eileen Perry's story is one of professional excellence, unwavering dedication to community service, and a profound desire to create a positive impact.

Board Member

Anne Jackson is a remarkable individual, known for her outstanding dedication and service both in the legal field and as a military spouse. Currently serving as an Assistant District Attorney for Bell County, Texas, Anne embodies the pursuit of justice. Her unwavering commitment to upholding the law and advocating for the rights of the community exemplifies her profound sense of duty. In addition to her career in law, Anne's personal life is equally inspiring. She stood proudly as a military spouse to her husband, Michael Jackson Jr., who served as a B1 Bomber Pilot and TACP (Tactical Air Control Party) Commander. This role has taken her through the unique challenges and triumphs that military families experience, and she carries them with strength and resilience.Anne is also a loving wife to three young men, taking on the roles of mother and guide as she nurtures and encourages their growth. Anne Jackson's story is a testament to her unyielding dedication, not only to the pursuit of justice within the legal system but also to the support of her family and the military community.

Board Member

Mike Holmes, affectionately known as "Mike The Intern," is an influential figure in the world of radio, where he takes the helm as the Radio Personality for 104.7 the Cave. Beyond the airwaves, Mike's profound commitment to community service and engagement shines through his multifaceted roles. As a husband and father of two, Mike finds joy and inspiration in his family. His beautiful wife and children are not only the center of his world but also the driving force behind his passion for making his community, Springfield, Missouri, a better place for all. Mike's deep-rooted love for Springfield extends to his active participation on two other community boards, where he lends his insights and expertise to promote positive change and progress. Mike's also has a passion for supporting veterans, which is deeply personal, as he is the son of a military veteran. This connection fuels his heartfelt dedication to honoring and serving those who have bravely served our nation. In all aspects of his life, Mike Holmes, serves as a shining example of dedication, passion, and a commitment to making a positive impact in the world around him.


Adam Schwartz is a loving husband and proud father of a daughter and son. After retiring from a successful career in the Air Force Special Warfare TACP community, he discovered a deep passion for photography, which led him to become an award-winning and internationally published photographer. Inspired by his own experiences and a desire to give back, Adam founded the TWO BLACK RAVENS FOUNDATION, a nonprofit organization dedicated to using art therapy to support wounded, injured, and ill service members and veterans. As the CEO of the foundation, he tirelessly works to create a safe and healing space for these individuals, utilizing the transformative power of art to promote their well-being and resilience.